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Design Diversity Group

Who We Are, What We Do

Corporate Communications

  • Consulting and Editorial Content Development
  • Board of Directors
  • Affinity Group Workshops; Book Signings

KEYNOTE Addresses:

  • Conferences, Special Events, Graduations,
  • Award Ceremonies, Fundraisers.

"My Destiny-theStory of The Cheryl D. Miller Collection at Stanford University!"

She travels globally to tell the "HOW POSSIBLE" of story of her incredible career and of the Cheryl D. Miller Collection at Stanford! Ask her HOW she broke down barriers and crossed the aisle; she's reveals her secrets and shares the mystery of her footsteps ordered for such a time as this! Believe it or not, thirty years ago, she told everyone that Design Diversity, Equity and Inclusion would be trending today. Ask her what she sees today, for tomorrow!

Design Diversity Lectures, Courses and Curriculum Development:

  • Design Management and
  • the Entrepenuerial Designer
  • Why Design Diversity?
  • Design D&I Conferences Break Out, Lectures, Workshops and Seminars
  • Design Diversity For Corporate Communications

Why Us?

Cheryl D. Holmes Miller is a

Communications Design Diversity

thought leader and futurist.