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Design Diversity Group

She tells her story in her own words in a recent interview captured by Maurice Cherry. Simply unbelievabe! Her Lecture Series clips the journey and leaves her audience captivated!

Schedule The Cheryl D. Miller @ Stanford University Lecture Series on your calendar today!

Miller SAVED EVERYTHING since she was 15 years of age!

She has documented her entire journey! She tells the story!

50 years of a professional visual art journey since early childhood is contained in 50 archival boxes now at

The Lecture & Key Note Address:

The Cheryl D. Miller Collection @ Stanford University Lecture is the HOW TO story telling of her incredible career. 

She reveals esxactly what is in her collection, why it is so valuable to Stanford University. The Cheryl D. Miller Collection @ Stanford will provide future research for five schools at Stanford: Communications Journalism, American History/Political Science, Feminist Studies, and Design. 

A leader in Corporate Communications Design and Design industry Design & Inclusion advocacy, Miller's Collection is 50 boxes chronicling her 50 year journey as a professional visual artist and graphic designer. Her lecture will leave you breathlessly inspired. Her amazing prophetic wisdom will light her audience's path to visual art success in the marketplace!